Rainbow Ramsey Number for Posets

Wei-Tian Li

Department of Applied Mathematics

National Chung Hsing University


    We address the following rainbow Ramsey problem: For posets `P`, `Q` what is the smallest number `n` such that any coloring of the elements of the Boolean lattice `B_n` either admits a monochromatic copy of `P` or a rainbow copy of `Q`. We consider both weak and strong (non-induced and induced) versions of this problem.

Keyword: Ramsey number, rainbow coloring, Boolean lattices


[1] F.-H. Chang, D. Gerbner, W.-T. Li, A. Methuku, D. Nagy, B. Patkós, M. Vizer, Rainbow Ramsey problems for the Boolean lattice, arXiv:1809.08629v1, submitted.
[2] H.-B. Chen, Y.-J. Cheng, W.-T. Li, C.-A. Liu, The Rainbow Ramsey Number for Boolean Lattices, manuscript.