On the determinant of distance matrices of graphs

Yen-Jen Cheng

Department of Mathematics

National Taiwan Normal University


    For a connected graph `G=(V;E)`, the distance matrix `D(G)=(d_{ij})` is a square matrix with index set `V` and `d_{ij}` the distance between `i` and `j`. In 1971, Graham and Pollak proved that if `T` is a tree, then `\det(D(T))` only depends on the order of `T`. In this talk, I will give new classes of graphs such that `\det(D(G))` is a constant among each class. In addition, I will introduce the addressing problem and find the addressing number for these new graphs. This is a joint work with Jephian Chin-Hung Lin.

Keyword: CP graph, distance matrix, determinant, inertia


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